Canadian Bacon

Corey Siegel


2 each – Pork Loin (cut in half and tied)


2 gallons – Water

3 cups – Salt

2 cups – White Sugar

.5 cup – Pink Curing Salt

1 bunch – Thyme (sachet)

1 bunch – Sage (sachet)

10 each – Garlic Cloves (sachet)


Bring the brine to a boil allow to cool in a refrigerator.

Once the brine is cooled, submerge the pork for 48 hours.

Remove from the brine and pat dry.

Place the lit Electrolux Volcano Smoker inside the Electrolux air-o-steam Touchline combi oven on the bottom rack.

Set the combi oven for convection mode at 250° F/ 30% custom vent/ half fan speed/ 30 minutes.

Next, set the combi oven to 225° F/ 40% humidity/ probe temperature 145° F.

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