air-o-convect Touchline
air-o-convect TOUCHLINE Boilerless Combi Oven 62 (electric) 266371
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air-o-convect Touchline
air-o-convect TOUCHLINE Boilerless Combi Oven 62 (electric) 266371

air-o-convect Touchline boilerless combi oven, full-size, electric, (6) 18" x 26" x 1" pan capacity rack, with direct steam and 11 humidity level settings, 4 levels of self-cleaning functions

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Product Features

  • Dry hot convection cycle max 572°F (max 300°C) ideal for low humidity cooking. Automatic moistener (11 settings) for boiler-less steam generation.
    • 0 = no additional moisture (browning, au gratin, baking, pre-cooked food)
    • 1-2 = low moisture (small portions of meat and fish)
    • 3-4 = medium low moisture (large pieces of meat, reheating, roasted chicken and proving)
    • 5-6 = medium moisture (roasted vegetable and first step of roasted meat & fish)
    • 7-8 = medium-high moisture (stewed vegetables)
    • 9-10 = high moisture (poached meat and jacket potatoes)

  • Programs mode: a maximum of 1000 recipes can be stored in the oven's memory, to replicate the same results at any time.  The recipes can be grouped in up to 16 different categories to help organize the menu. Possible to save programs with up to 16-phases (steps) each.

  • MultiTimer function to manage a sequence of up to 14 different cooking cycles, improving flexibility and ensuring excellent cooking results. Possible to save up to 70 MultiTimers Programs.

  • air-o-flow: fresh air from the outside is directed to the bi-functional fan, becomes pre-heated and then pushed into the cooking chamber to guarantee an even cooking process.

  • Exhaust valve electronically controlled to extract humidity in excess for extra crispy results.

  • Fan speeds: full, half speed and pulse. Full speed active as default. Half speed ideal for delicate cooking such as baking. Pulse ideal for low weight loss and for keeping food warm at the end of the cooking cycle.

  • Hold function for keeping food warm at the end of a cycle.

  • Automatic and manual rapid cooling activation when going from a higher to a lower cavity temperature.

  • 6-point multi sensor core temperature probe for maximum precision and food safety.

  • Food Safe Control (FSC) PATENTED monitors the cooking process to comply with HACCP standards. Buil-in HACCP management to record cooking procedure and to specify level of Pasteurization.

  • USB connection: to download HACCP and FSC data, upload the recipes and interface setting.

  • Sous-vide USB probe to ensure excellent cooking results even with vacuum-packed products (optional accessory).

  • Make-it-mine feature to allow user to personalize all user main interfaces in the "Setting" mode and block editing and deleting of stored programs.

  • Supplied with n.1 tray rack, 2 1/2" 65mm pitch.

  • air-o-clean™ automatic and built-in self cleaning system (4 automatic) with "Green" functions to save energy, water and rinse aid.

  • ...

  • ETL safety approved, complies with UL 197 and CSA 22.2 listings.

  • ETL sanitation approved, complies with NSF/ANSI 2 listing.

  • IPX 5 spray water protection certification for easy cleaning.

  • 304 AISI stainless steel construction throughout.

  • Seamless hygienic cooking chamber with all rounded corners for easy cleaning.

  • Double thermo-glazed door with open frame construction, for cool outside door panel. Swing hinged easy-release inner glass on door for easy cleaning.

  • Swing hinged front panel for easy service access to main components.


  • Supply voltage: 208 V/3 ph/60 Hz
  • Rated amps: 58 A
  • Total Watts: 21 kW
  • Clearance: 2'' (5cm) rear and right hand sides.
  • Suggested clearance for service access: 20'' (50cm) left hand side.
Key Information:
  • Net weight: 373 lbs (169.4 kg)
  • Shipping width: 45 1/4" (1150 mm)
  • Shipping depth: 50 3/8" (1280 mm)
  • Shipping height: 44 1/2" (1130 mm)
  • Shipping weight: 428 lbs (194 kg)
  • Shipping volume: 58.73 ft³ (1.66 m³)
  • Water inlet "CW" connection: 3/4"
  • Total hardness: 5-50 ppm
  • Pressure: 22-65 psi (1.5-4.5 bar)
  • Drain "D": 1"1/4 NPT
  • Electrolux recommends the use of treated water, based on testing of specific water conditions.
  • Please refer to user manual for detailed water quality information.
  • Sheet pans: 6 - 18''x 26''
  • Steam pans: 12 - 12''x 20''
  • Half size sheet pans: 12 - 13''x 18''
  • Max load capacity: 106 lbs. (60 kg)

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air-o-convect Touchline<br>air-o-convect TOUCHLINE Boilerless Combi Oven 62 (electric)

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