Newsletter – January 2018

Electrolux Professional Price List 2018 Now Available for Download

The 2018 complete list of available products and pricing for Electrolux Professional food service equipment in North America is now available.

Take a look and discover the solutions to your food service equipment needs.

Free Download of the SpeeDelight Recipe Book, Volume 2

The SpeeDelight high speed unit can quickly cook more than just sandwiches. The second recipe book now available from Executive Corporate Chef Corey Siegel shows even more menu items that can be created with this versatile piece of technology.

In addition, you can watch videos of each SpeeDelight recipe being prepared. Shishito peppers, baked potato, bratwurst with sauerkraut and more; these recipes are only the beginning of the endless possibilities to build a creative menu.

View recipe videos and download recipe book
SpeeDelight Recipes - Volume 2

Electrolux Professional North America Hits 1,000 Instagram Followers

Instagram is an important part of a company’s social media mix – by sharing images and videos directly with its followers’ mobile devices. If you haven’t followed Electrolux Professional NA on Instagram yet, now is the time.

In December, Electrolux Professional North America hit 1,000 Instagram followers and it continues to grow. Find out the latest recipes, upcoming events and what’s going on at the Center of Excellence in Charlotte, NC. Looking for culinary inspiration? Look no further. Follow Electrolux Professional NA on Instagram to get in the know.

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