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What is an Electrolux Cook & Chill process?

Electrolux Cook & Chill is a simple, controlled process of preparing food designed to provide more flexibility, time and labor savings in food service operations.

The technique involves the full cooking of food, followed by rapid chilling and storage at controlled temperatures (using an Electrolux air-o-chill Blast Chiller as part of the process).

HACCP controls are embedded within every Electrolux Combi Oven and Blast Chiller for safe operation and adherence to recommended cooking and chilling guidelines of food products.

Implementing a Cook & Chill process as part of your operation can add quality back into your food product, maintain yield thus increasing your profitability, and keeping nutritional value inside the food product thus making it taste better and look better.

Electrolux Chef Academy will assist any customer in successfully implementing an Electrolux Cook & Chill system into their operation’s processes. 24/7 Electrolux Service Technician will assist in keeping an Electrolux Cook & Chill system active and healthy for the life of the operation.

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Benefits of an Electrolux
Cook&Chill process:

Food Quality – Using set cooking parameters, operators are able to maintain absolute control over uniformity and quality every time.

Consistent Quality – Programmable touchscreen ovens ensure consistency and meals are prepared exactly the same every time, no matter the location or operation.

Speed of Service – Cooking, chilling, retherming food products ahead of time can reduce time in execution and delivery during stressful times.

Optimum Sanitation – With a Cook & Chill process, food is handled rarely and exposed to external elements rarely. Food is cooked, chilled, frozen, stored and then rethermed under controlled environments.

Return on Investment – Cook & Chill systems can help achieve complicated menu goals, encouraging operators to serve a broader variety of fresh-tasting foods with ease and consistency.

All 201 and 202 Blast Chillers require remote refrigeration connection. Remote or pre-assembled remote refrigeration systems requiring electrical inter-wiring or refrigerant piping is to be provided by others (not Electrolux).

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